2019 – 2020 Clark County Bands Private Lesson Program

Why should my child take private lessons? Here is a list of six reasons why! 1. Private lesson teachers model a professional sound on their instrument. How do babies learn to talk? By listening to people talk. How do instrumentalists learn to play with a characteristic sound? By hearing a characteristic sound. 2. Students are … Continue reading 2019 – 2020 Clark County Bands Private Lesson Program

Parent Volunteer Meeting 8/17/19

Saturday August 17th 9:30am    RDC Agenda Welcome/Introductions - Matthew Leedy, Elizabeth Skipworth (CCBB Ways and Means Director)Purpose/CCBB - grcband.comBudget $1200 - JumpStart$2,500 - Instruction$1,000 - Repair$1,000 - Accessories$200 - Music$300 - Recruiting Individual Family Costs - polo, book, instrument, field trips, jumpstart 2019 – 2020 Band Activity Schedule - Oct. 22nd - First 5th Grade … Continue reading Parent Volunteer Meeting 8/17/19