Bourbon Barrel – Silent Auction

Yes, you read that correctly! The Baker Band will be auctioning off four bourbon barrels donated by Robinson Stave East Bernstadt Cooperage! The auction will take place at Baker Intermediate in conjunction with the 5th Grade Concert on Tuesday Oct. 22nd at 6:30pm. The silent auction will end at 8:30pm. Bring your checkbook and place … Continue reading Bourbon Barrel – Silent Auction

Parent Volunteer Meeting 8/17/19

Saturday August 17th 9:30am    RDC Agenda Welcome/Introductions - Matthew Leedy, Elizabeth Skipworth (CCBB Ways and Means Director)Purpose/CCBB - grcband.comBudget $1200 - JumpStart$2,500 - Instruction$1,000 - Repair$1,000 - Accessories$200 - Music$300 - Recruiting Individual Family Costs - polo, book, instrument, field trips, jumpstart 2019 – 2020 Band Activity Schedule - Oct. 22nd - First 5th Grade … Continue reading Parent Volunteer Meeting 8/17/19