2018-2019 Baker Band Syllabus


Syllabus, Information, and Expectations


Band Director: Mr. Matthew Leedy

Phone: [school] 859.745.5190  [cell] 859.948.3246

Email: matthew.leedy@clark.kyschools.us

Website: bisband.org

Remind Class Texting:

5th Grade: @bisband5th

6th Grade: @bisband6th


Classes Meet: Monday – Friday     Classroom #: 110


Objective:  To teach confident musicians at the 5th and 6th grade level, develop a lifelong appreciation for music, and instill the skills needed for each student to be successful at the future levels of band in the Clark County Band Program


Course Description:  The Baker Bulldog Band is a beginning preparatory instrumental music program offered at Baker Intermediate School (BIS), which is the foundational beginning of the entire Clark County Band program. Students will be challenged on a daily basis with exciting repertoire and an expectation of constant improvement. Our goal is to build strong musicians and perform great concerts. We strive to be a beacon of success for the Clark County school community and take great pride in our commitment.  Students will be expected to participate and practice on a regular basis.


Class Materials:  Bring to class every day:  pencil, music folder (provided), instrument, and method book


Textbooks: All students will need to purchase the preferred band method book, “Tradition of Excellence” -approximately $11.


Attendance Policy:  All Baker Band students will be expected to be in class, on time, every day.  All students are expected to be at ALL CONCERTS throughout the year.  (See scheduled concerts below.)  Participation in Solos & Ensembles Festival (6th grade only) is required of 6th grade.

Concert Expectations:  For each concert throughout the school year, families are expected to stay for the duration of the concert.  If your child performs first, please do not leave immediately after your child’s portion of the concert is completed.  The spirit of this policy is out of respect for your fellow band members and all the hard work they put in for a concert, just as you did.


Bandroom Safety:  Please always be safe and cautious, especially with all the big equipment around.  The evacuation plans are posted by the door.  DO NOT go into the percussion section if you are not a percussionist.   Never throw anything in the bandroom.  LEAVE DRINKS, FOOD, WATER, CANDY, GUM, ETC OUTSIDE of classroom!  Please keep your instruments on the racks in the instrument room.  NEVER leave your instrument out of its case or out of the instrument room, even if it’s really big.  Students are responsible for their belongings and instrument-this includes proper storage and handling at all times.


Dress: For the 2018-2019 school year, all Baker Bulldog Band students will wear our blue band polo, black pants (khakis or slacks), and black dress shoes for concerts.  (Please refer to school handbook for day-to-day dress codes.)  For girls, silver jewelry at concerts is acceptable.


*Please contact Mr. Leedy if you need any assistance acquiring the required dress or shoes for concerts and performances.  We are happy to assist!


Items that cannot be worn for concerts:

  • White shirts
  • White socks
  • Open toed shoes
  • Jeans
  • Tennis shoes
  • Colored belts
  • Shorts
  • Athletic pants
  • Hats


Summary Required Purchase List:

Polo – $20 (Polo information, sizes, and ordering will take place in September.)

Traditions of Excellence Book – $10 or $14 (percussion)

Instrument: Varies



School Instrument Rentals: Students playing larger instruments (French horns, trombones, baritones, tubas) may rent an instrument from the band for use.  Furthermore, students unable to rent an instrument from a company may rent from one from the school.  All rentals must be arranged and approved through the band director.  As outlined in the contract, any significant damage and subsequent repair to a school owned instrument will be the responsibility of the renting family.  Please contact Mr. Leedy if you have questions.




Daily classroom participation 30%
SmartMusic Assignments 30%
Concerts & Performances 40%
Total 100%


*Students have the opportunity to retake SmartMusic assignments and assessments as many times as they like to achieve mastery of the target skill or technique.


Practicing:  Students learning to play an instrument in the Baker Intermediate Band will be encouraged and expected practice on a weekly basis.


5th Grade: 50 minutes per week

6th Grade: 60 minutes per week


Students can earn incentives (either individually, as a section, or as class) based on regular and consistent practice.  More detailed info regarding practicing will be sent home once the school year begins.




At the time this syllabus was completed, concert dates had not been fully set among the fine arts department and principals.  A separate communication detailing the calendar for the year will be sent home with your child.  Below is an approximation of when our concerts and events will occur this school year.


5th Grade 6th Grade
JumpStart Camp August 10th & 11th JumpStart Camp August 10th & 11th
First Concert October 30th Veteran’s Day Concert Nov. 9th or 12th
  Christmas & Coffee Concert @ The Cairn Friday December 14th (Tentative)
  Solos & Ensembles Festival Saturday Feb. 16th
KMEA Assessment Performance Week of March 25th KMEA Assessment Performance Week of March 25th
Spring Concert Early May Spring Concert Early May




1) Come to class with a pencil, music folder, all music, instrument EVERYDAY.

2) Walk quietly into the room, grab your instrument, and promptly be seated.

2) Do not talk during class.

3) If Mr. Leedy is on the podium, watch and listen.

4) Respect the director and those around you.

5) Do not disrespect or bully your peers.

6) Your instrument must be ready to play every day.

7) Required equipment list:


Flutes: silk swab Saxophone: swab on a string, 3 working reeds

strengths (Rico)



Trombone: slide grease, small squirt bottle or slide oil Percussion: 6th Grade: stick bag, soft mallets, hard mallets, snare sticks, timpani mallets

(Evans, Vic Firth, IP are best.)

Trumpet: valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush Baritone:  valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush   Optional for everyone:

Folding music stand, metronome, tuner

Clarinet: swab with string, 3 working reeds, strengths (Vandoren), Strength of reed (#):

5th Grade: 2.5

6th Grade: 3


French Horn: rotor oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, Tuba: valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush Each student will need to acquire appropriate items.  (Students:  You will need it!!)  I will teach students how to properly care for their instrument(s).





2018-2019 Baker Bulldog Band Commitment Statement




I have read and understand the syllabus.  I’m fully committed to support my child as they learn to make music!



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I have read and understand the syllabus.  I’m fully committed to learning to make music!



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