Updated 8/11: As of August 11th, Gov. Beshear has ordered a mask mandate. CCPS has released an accompanying statement.

Students in band will be expected to wear a mask. This can be a mask you already own OR you can look below to purchase a specific musician mask.

Students may also use a bell cover but it is not required. See below for a link to purchase a bell cover.

Mr. Leedy will wear a mask at all times and will utilize a bell cover when possible.

If you are interested in buying performance masks for your child in band, you can find them here –> https://dancesoph.com/products/ppe-music-mask-cross-flap

If you are interested in purchasing a bell cover for your child’s instrument, you can find them here –> https://dancesoph.com/products/ppe-instrument-bell-covers?_pos=1&_sid=267be5d65&_ss=r