• All school-owned instruments and chromebooks should be returned to Baker promptly.
  • Your child should not leave their rented or personal instrument at school.
  • Instruments taken home should never be left in a car.
  • Instruments taken home should be kept in its case unless you are actively using it.
  • A checkout for students keeping a school-owned instrument over the summer will be completed this week.
  • Future updates as we prep for summer and the next school year will be delivered soon.
  • There is more I will say soon but this has been a great year for the 6th grade band! You have much to be proud of. Please: Stay in band. I know those other classes at RDC look shiny, but you can do those AND band. At the very least, try band at RDC for 9-weeks and then decide if you want to continue.

Some thoughts:

Music provides a safe place
Change can be challenging, and the transition to high school can be daunting for any student. Continued participation in music can give your child a foothold in a safe, secure place from which to explore this new experience. Music can be the anchor that holds them steady among the waves of change coming their way.

Music provides new experiences
But why just do the same thing? Shouldn’t they explore new things? Make no mistake: continuing to study music will be an evolution, opening new vistas in their growth as a young musician. Your child will have opportunities to apply their musical knowledge and skills in new ways, and to deepen their understanding in a broad range of opportunities to match their interests.

Music provides good role models
We all know the impact peer pressure can have on a student. It can lead your child to make decisions that they might not otherwise make. Everything we know about participation in music says that students involved in music are more successful in every possible way, academically, personally, and socially. By participating in music, you are providing your child with the type of role models that will reinforce good decision making.

Music provides balance
The great thing about being a musician in is the high degree of choice in how your child participates. Music can be “the” thing, or “a” thing. As they grow and change, so can their choice. I will always work with your child to find the right balance all while reaping the benefits of studying music.

Please know I am invested in your child’s welfare, and welcome the opportunity to provide assistance for you and your child as you look ahead to next school year.

If there’s anything you’d like to talk about, I’m always just an email or call away. Mr. Schmieg’s email (RDC Band) is below as well.



Mr. Leedy