• All school-owned instruments and chromebooks should be returned to Baker promptly.
  • Your child should not leave their rented or personal instrument at school.
  • Instruments taken home should never be left in a car.
  • Instruments taken home should be kept in its case unless you are actively using it.
  • A checkout for students keeping a school-owned instrument over the summer will be completed this week.
  • Future updates as we prep for summer and the next school year will be delivered soon.
  • There is more I will say soon but this has been a great year for the 5th grade band! You have much to be proud of.┬áPlease:┬áStay in band. We are just getting started, the real fun is coming!

As we head into the final week of school, it is natural to reflect on the challenges and successes your child has encountered this year. Granted, there were likely more challenges than successes, but both provide for some important learning lessons. You may be asking yourself whether they should continue their music study next year. You child may have even expressed a desire to “try something new” – sometimes, as parents, we are tempted to give in.

Before making a final decision, consider this…

Over the years, I have talked to many adults who played an instrument as a child, and more often than not, they say that they wish that their parents had not allowed them to quit. Looking back, they see that they missed out on an opportunity to belong to a group, develop a talent, express themselves creatively, develop grit, and so much more!

And the good news is that it doesn’t stop here! Dedication and hard work breed passionate young people – wonderful young men and women who go on to do great things in life because they were part of something bigger than themselves. They are now one year closer to speaking this new language… one year closer to making beautiful sounds… one year closer to self-expression… one year closer to new friends and experiences. They are ONE YEAR CLOSER!

It may not be easy to see right now, but I promise you, the best is yet to come.

If there’s anything you’d like to talk about, I’m always just an email or call away.


Mr. Leedy