• Students have either an SRF assignment (Blue group) or Practice Journal (Gray group) due today (1/9). I cannot stress enough the importance of practicing and keeping up with your assignments.
  • All 6th grade band students will have an after-school rehearsal on Thursday March 9th. 2:45 – 3:45pm. More details will be communicated soon.
  • All 6th grade band students will have a concert on Thursday March 16th. This concert is specifically for parents, as well as a “run through” of their music before they perform for judges.
  • All 6th grade band students will perform a concert for judges (KMEA Assessment) on either Wed. March 22nd or Thurs. March 23rd. KMEA is essentially the KPREP/KSA state assessment, but for band. It’s a really big deal. More info will be communicated soon.
  • Upcoming Parent Volunteer Needs: fundraisers, chaperone trips, goodie bags need to be made, and much more.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s time to begin selecting courses for the next school year, and I want to make sure that music continues to be a part of your child’s school day! I know that there are many choices that you make for your child that impact their future growth and development, and often parents wonder just what is best. As you make the decision, please keep the following in mind:

Study after study has shown that music learning has tremendous benefits on the minds of our young people. In fact, we have yet to find a problem, academic or otherwise, that music doesn’t have a positive impact upon. If you’d like more information on this, click here.

Your child is still very much in the developmental stages of learning their instrument. It’s only through continued effort and the process of doing something challenging over a long period of time that students reap the rewards of music study. And through long term participation, we begin to see their passion, interest, and desire grow. Being part of music helps students develop grit and creativity while being actively involved in a learning process that brings people together, teaches cooperation, demands attention to detail, and is just plain rewarding!

Finally, many elective courses that we offer can be studied at a later date, when there is more flexibility in the school scheduling process. However, music is a sequential curriculum. Sadly, children who stop studying an instrument rarely come back to it at a later date because they fall too far behind their peers.

In short, your child is just starting to get good. You will never know the impact studying music can have on a young person if they give up on it just as the effects are beginning to take hold.

Nothing would please me more than having your child continue in music next year. Please feel free to contact me (or the RDC Band Director, Mr. Schmieg) if you have questions or if there’s anything you’d like to discuss.


Mr. Leedy

Mr. Schmieg’s email: calvin.schmieg@clark.kyschools.us