• All 5th Grade students have a Practice Journal due Monday Jan. 9th.
  • It is so important that our students are practicing at home. 40 minutes total per week is the expectation. And the students know well that it is better to practice spread out over multiple days than to practice all at once.
  • The 5th Grade Band’s next performance will occur in March. We will prepare information when possible.

With winter break behind us, our focus turns toward spring and (eventually!) summer. The return to school in the winter months can often be challenging for students, when the dreary weather can sometimes be reflected in dreary attitudes, even for us teachers.

This time of year you may see your child’s interest in music wane a bit. Never fear! It is completely natural for your child’s enthusiasm to ebb and flow, at times with the season, at times with other life factors. As your child’s director, I want you to know that I’ve seen this before, and sometimes students need space — and sometimes gentle guidance — to find their way back to the joy of making music.

What we — the adults in your kid’s life — need to be mindful of are the root causes for a change in attitude. Is it peer pressure? School workload? Life events? The good news is that music can be the steadying influence in your child’s life. Remember, that your children most dislike the things that are good for them (i.e. going to bed on time, eating their vegetables, flossing, etc.), so if they are fighting you a little bit on practicing, take it as a sign that you are on the right path and stay strong.

I want you to know that my door is always open: Remind, email, or schedule a time to meet. If you notice a decline in your child’s interest in music, I’m here to help!


Mr. Leedy