Who:  All students in the Baker Band!

When: Monday September 19th and ends Tuesday October 18th

Why: instruments, instrument repairs, instructors, music, music stands, reeds, valve oil, snare sticks, field trips, recruiting supplies, mouthpiece patches, …and the list goes on

How does it work?

1 Scan the QR code 

2 Register/Create an account

3 Under “Group,” select “Baker Band”

4 Share the fundraiser with your target family and friends by inputting their emails and talking it up!

What’s my personal fundraising goal?  Input 20 working emails. Can’t get 20? That’s okay, do as many as you can!!!  The emails can be family, friends, teachers, church friends, etc.

Okay. Cool!  So..what’s in it for me?

Incentives will be revealed and discussed in class on Monday Sept. 18th.