It’s a new school year! The start of any school year can feel overwhelming — homework is ramping up, sports practices and clubs are meeting, and, of course, there’s music.

Finding the balance between it all is part of growing up. Our young people are exploring new activities, new interests, and figuring out who they are — who they want to be — all while striving to meet the demands of school, home and their social lives. It can be challenging for your child and for YOU!

Through it all, you can rest easy knowing that by being a part of our group your child will be better equipped to navigate the challenges. We know this because creating music has benefits for emotional, physical and cognitive growth!

Being involved in music engages both sides of the brain and improves reading, critical thinking skills and the ability to focus and pay attention. But there’s more. By playing in a music ensemble, students develop bonds with one another. Maybe these bonds weren’t obvious before, but each year that students play together, the bonds grow stronger.

It may be hard to see now, but your child is shaping who they will be. They are making decisions and learning behaviors that will have an impact on them for the rest of their life! Being involved in music helps kids make good choices by surrounding them with other good students and challenging them to grow musically and otherwise each and every day.

My hope is that you and your child will recognize music as more than just an activity, but an essential part of their growth as a person. Rather than a stressor, music enables them to achieve their goals, build the life skills that are invaluable in all that they do, and, most importantly, enrich their lives in a way no other pursuit can.

If there is anything you need, I’m here to help.

  • Students are graded daily for bringing their (1) instrument (2) book (3) pencil (4) folder/binder to class. Some students have begun to lose points for not coming to class prepared.
  • Please check the Baker Event and Grading Calendar often. Your child has assignments due on weekly basis. Students typically receive one week’s notice of an upcoming due date. Click here to see the calendar.
  • There are 4 different band google classrooms. Your child is only enrolled in one. They know which one they are enrolled in. (Succeed Blue, Achieve Blue, 6th Grade Gray, 6th Grade Percussion)
  • Thank you to the parents who attended the fundraising meeting, both in-person and virtually! A follow up and progress check will be coming out soon. We are still looking for more parent volunteers to tackle various tasks. Please contact Mr. Leedy if you are willing and able.
  • Yes, student’s may turn in late assignments. Though they won’t receive full credit.
  • Please email Mr. Leedy if your child needs a working device to complete Flips and assignments at home.
  • Our first concert of the year is slated for Thursday Oct. 20th @ RDC. This will be a Halloween concert, meaning student’s will be allowed to dress up in costumes! More info TBD.
  • 6th Graders that are new to band (meaning this is your first year in band) will not perform with the entire 6th grade for the first concert. Instead, those students will perform with the 5th grade. Your first concert is tentatively set for Nov. 1st.