Hello Baker Band Parents!

Tuesday, I had the opportunity to speak to your band student about signing up for the RDC Bands. I wanted to pass along the important information to you. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at any time:  calvin.schmieg@clark.kyschools.us

Important RDC Band Info: 

1. Schedule: 

– Our SBDM is working on a schedule that will allow students to take TWO CE’s. Your student can take band (all year) and have space for one more CE per semester (that’s 2 extra CE’s!). This means your student does not have to choose between Band and PE; or Band and Robotics; or Band and a Foreign Language.

– Enrichments are 9-week courses instead of 18. Your student will get four per year in addition to their two CE’s.

2. Band Classes Offered:

– Instead of putting students into a traditional 7th grade or 8th grade band, I will be combining grades and placing them into two separate groups:

1. Symphonic Band – audition-based

2. Concert Band – no audition necessary

– Mr. Leedy will be assisting students interested in auditioning for Symphonic Band by teaching them the audition music, and helping them record and upload their audition to Flipgrid.

– Auditions are NOT required to be in Concert Band

I look forward to having your student in the RDC Bands next year!