’Tis the season! Whether you are celebrating a religious holiday, or simply using the winter break as a chance to spend time with those close to you, this is a wonderful time to highlight your child’s musical accomplishments by asking them to play at a family event or in-person / virtual gathering!

To set your child up for long-term success and enjoyment in music-making, it’s helpful to give them outlets beyond the classroom for their creativity and achievement. Here are some thoughts on how to do that.

Create the Opportunity
Making a difference can often be as simple as setting the stage (pun intended!). Your home and an audience of close family can be safe and encouraging for your child to share their new talents. In all likelihood, your child’s music book has a number of tunes suitable for the season and well within their skill set.

One tip: prepare your child ahead for the occasion — no surprise performances! At this early stage in their growth, many kids will not feel comfortable simply picking up their instrument on a whim to perform (and if they do, let them at it!). Encourage them beforehand to pick out some favorite tunes from their music book, and “practice them up”. Our hope here is to help eliminate any nerves by preparing mentally and musically.

Music of the Season
The winter season is a wonderful time of the year to hear groups of all types perform, in both sacred and secular contexts, in a variety of genres. Broaden your child’s understanding of music-making by exposing them to performances by others.

This special time of year can be a natural moment to encourage your young music student. Whether they find the joy of the season through their performance or others, you can help put music-making at the center of their lives.

If these ideas create inspiration for you or if you’re looking for music ideas for gifts, please check the band website in the coming days for our Holiday Buying Guide. I’m happy to help turn that inspiration into action!

Have a wonderful (and safe) holiday season!


Mr. Leedy