Huge congrats to our students on a successful day at our 8th Annual Baker JumpStart Camp! I am super excited for you!

Kudos to our 6th graders who participated in our 3rd annual ReStart Camp at RDC!

And here are the special shout outs! Thank you to our volunteers for making this day happen!

Jennifer Thomas

Alicia Osborne

Janice Eldridge

Arleigh Sparks

Aden Henson

Grace Patrick

Kylee Stinnett

Taylor McCord

Lainie Mitchell

Brendan Jackson

Kyle LeMaster

Ashleigh Sparks

Haven Harris

Monica Shearer

And finally, a big thank you to our instructors!

Brittany St. Pierre

Cara McCord

Mark Baruth

Trish Torline

Brett Evans

Jeremy Wade

Calvin Schmieg, RDC Band Director

AJ Cook, GRC Band Director

Jaclyn Taylor

Chelsea Schmieg

Crystal Barrett