8Z.A. (1)/N.J. (1)A.H. (1)Z.A. (2)/N.J. (2)C.E. (only)A.H. (1)
9C.C. (1)C.C. (2)W.R. (1)W.R. (2)
10G.G. (1)E.K. (1)/A.M. (1)/A.C. (1)N.G. (1)E.K. (2)/A.M. (2)
11G.R. (1)C.H. (only)A.R. (1)/A.R. (1)A.R. (2)/A.R. (2)
1L.B. (1)/A.T. (2)G.G. (2)/A.T. (2)A.C. (2)N.G. (2)/L.B. (2)
2W.R. (1)N.M. (1)/A.D. (1)W.R. (2)N.M. (2)/A.D. (2)G.R. (2)
3G.M. (1)K.B. (1)/G.M. (2)K.B. (2)
4O.R. (1)O.R. (2)
Subject to change

Instruction begins the week of June 7th.

No Instruction the week of June 14th.

Transportation will not be provided.

Students should enter and exit through the front doors of the school.

Students should bring with them: instrument, book, and pencil.

Students should wear a mask unless otherwise instructed.