Greetings 6th Graders! Mr. Schmieg had a fantastic time visiting on Monday and is looking forward to making music with you! If you have questions about RDC, you can email Mr. Schmieg at

1. Band at RDC will not interfere with athletics

2. Band students will get priority enrichment scheduling.

3. “Fitness” is the enrichment version of P.E.

4. Band is an all-year C.E.

5. Students will get 4 enrichments per year; for a total of 8 over 2 years.

If you are on the fence about band at RDC, we understand. Sign up for the class, get to know Mr. Schmieg, and then make a decision based on what’s best for you.

Everything about the RDC Band is great (trips, better music, more opportunities, more instruments, the list goes on)!