April 5th through April 16th 2021

Dear Baker Band Family & Friends,

Do you ever wonder where the money comes from to keep the Baker Intermediate School Band learning and playing?  Most of it is budgeted from the Clark Co Band Booster Organization.  Baker’s Band director uses that money to pay for: instrument repair/replacement, transportation, clinicians, jump start camp, sheet music, scholarships for camps and more.   Operating and maintaining a quality band program is very expensive and efforts at fundraising continue to be more challenging every year.  None more than this past year.  Not just for Baker but also for the Booster Organization.

Last year Baker did restaurant nights and a Giving Challenge.  We have been unable to do restaurant nights and Bingo the main source of income for the band boosters have been shut down or drastically limited for the past year.  We do not want to sell items that people don’t really need and we need to continue to protect our students as much as we can so we have decided to hold another BAKER BAND Family & Friends Giving Challenge!  Our goal is to raise $2,500.00.  Ask family, friends, and even local businesses!  We will have prizes for students that raise the most money! 

So we need your help! We have instruments that need to be repaired, jump start camp to fund for next school year, new music to purchase, and several other needs.   Any donation you make will help pay for our music, equipment, instruction, music stands, and other operating expenses.

You can make a difference by pledging your financial support. Contributions are considered a donation and are 100% tax deductible.  If you need a receipt let us know.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email Elizabeth Skipworth at sales@grcband.com.

Remember, let’s reach our goal and we will not have to sell a fall fundraiser!   Please turn all donations into Mr. Leedy by Friday, April 16th reach our goal!


Elizabeth Skipworth                        Mathew Leedy

CCBB Fundraising Chairperson   Baker Band Director