Good evening! I hope this post finds your family well! I am excited for the return of students in the building. We are going to maximize these final 11 weeks together, and we will start with priority #1: Student health and safety.

Everything mentioned here was covered on Friday during our Google Meets. Your child may refer you to the google form we completed in class together.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Leedy –>

  • Students will need to bring their instrument and book on the days they are in the building for in-person learning.
  • Percussion students will only need to bring their sticks, mallets, and books on their in-person days.
  • Percussion students cannot share equipment.
  • Students may leave their instrument at school on the evening in-between their two in-person days. (Hybrid A – Monday night)(Hybrid B – Thursday night)
  • Students must take their instrument and book home on the days they are at home for virtual and the weekend so that they can complete assignments.
  • Tubas will have special instructions regarding their instrument and mouthpiece.
  • Brass players must have a bell cover.
  • See the post below regarding specifics of bell covers. (Information to order a bell cover can found on that post as well).
  • Brass and woodwind players will be required to wear a mask with a hole or slit during band class.
  • Percussion will wear a normal mask for the duration of class.
  • Blue surgical masks will be provided to the students upon request or if a student forgets their mask.
  • Students must have their name on their case or stick bag. This can either be a tag or a piece of tape. (Do not write directly on your instrument case).
  • 6 feet social distancing will be employed in the band room
  • Students will be encouraged to wash their hands throughout the day by their various teachers.
  • Band students will be encouraged to routinely use hand sanitizer at the end of band class.
  • Mr. Leedy will not move about the room during band class to help maintain social distancing.
  • Brass players will utilize paper towels or puppy pads to gather their water from the floor (and dispose of it at the end of band class).

We must all do our part, follow the procedures, and use good hygiene when in band.