Hi 6th Grade Band!  It saddens me to say this but the time has come to begin dropping off your school-owned instruments to Baker.  We need to begin the process of inventory and repair. The school will be open next week Monday through Friday from 8am – 3pm everyday.  I do not need to be present for the instrument to be dropped off.


Instruments that need to be dropped off:


  • tubas (and the mouthpiece)

  • baritones (and the mouthpiece)

  • trombones (and the mouthpiece)

  • alto, tenor, and bari saxes (and all the stuff in the case too)

  • bass clarinets (and all of the other parts)

  • french horns (and the mouthpiece)

  • flutes, oboes, clarinets, saxes, and trumpets that say “Baker” (or “BIS”) on the case in silver sharpie

  • Many of these instrument cases have identification on them in red pen (school-owned)

  • Woodwinds, keep all of your reeds.  Throw away any broken/chipped reeds before returning the instrument.

  • Saxes, unless you own it, we need those neck-straps back too.


Instruments that do NOT need to be dropped off (keep):


  • an instrument that you rent from a local store (Hurst, Don Wilson, etc)

  • an instrument that you own personally

  • If you drop off an instrument that is yours or one that you rent, you will have to come back to Baker and pick it up.



This message DOES NOT APPLY to 5th graders in band.