Tues. Oct. 22nd 7pm BIS Gym

This is it! The time has come for our first 5th grade band performance of the year!  We’ve been working hard in class and we are excited to show our families just how far we’ve come in a short amount of time.  Please bring your families and friends out to support the 2019 edition of the Baker Intermediate 5th Grade Band!  Below are the details you need:


Boys: blue band polo (tucked in), black pants, black belt, black socks, black dress shoes

Girls:  blue band polo (tucked in), black pants, black closed-toe shoes (black flats suggested but not required).

Students should not wear to a concert: jeans, black jeans, shorts, hats, tennis shoes, black tennis shoes, regular khakis, skirts, leggings, jeggings, etc.

Goal: For our student musicians to look professional and congruent whenever we perform for the public.  Concerts are not sporting events. If you need assistance in acquiring the proper items for the concert, please let Mr. Leedy know.  We are happy to assist!

Time and Procedures

Report time is 6:30pm.  The concert will begin at 7pm in the Baker Gymnasium.  When band students arrive, they should proceed to the bandroom where they will assemble their instrument.  Students will leave their case on the shelf in the bandroom and walk quietly to the gym with their instrument and book in hand.  Please do not play in the hallway.  When the concert has ended, students will put their chair away, bring their stand back to the bandroom, carefully put their instrument away, and then are dismissed.

Goal: To provide a safe and organized process so that we are setting out students up for success as well as teaching proper concert behavior and etiquette.

What to Bring

Instrument, book, extra reeds, wire music stand (if you own one), and your family!

            Goal: Come prepared and you’ll have a blast!


Students are on time, participate, and will be graded.  Concerts are an important part of any performing group and we value every student’s attendance and contribution! No one sits the bench in band.

Goal: Teach the value of every student, committing to your family, taking pride in your hard work, giving a great effort, being a part of something bigger than yourself, and growing as a person and musician.  You’ve got this!

Questions? matthew.leedy@clark.kyschools.us