Solos & Ensembles Results! Congrats to all of our student duets that received a Proficient or Distinguished! Keep working!

Distinguished Rating (Represents a superior performance)

Brody PasleyNoah Sparks
Cheyann EstellAriella Grubbs
Sydney Antoniou Abby Crase
& Olivia Brownlee
Brayden WhitesideAvien Haddix
Aaliyah DyeElliot Carlisle
Larry Jo SpahniSean Fitzgerald
Nick ChristopherAvien Haddix
Shayne AllenMadilyn Barnes
Lamarae GalanAddy Rodgers
Eric PottsHarlee V. Treadway
Ryan TurleyGunner Hanson
Cooper GutuerslohMadison Keath
Cassidy Seals BenavidesAlyssa Sisler
Daniela AmbrizOlivia Maslin
Janeice GwynneGrace Cecil
Emma PottsPaislee Davis
Rylan WillinAnna DeCapio

Proficient Rating (Represents an excellent performance that is outstanding in some aspects)

Meredith BooneAva Mardis
Savannah LaneHunter Satterwhite
Eric PottsLucas Spry
Elijah MeadowsJames Scarborough
Paxton HarperThomas Lovings
Jonah DossJacob Caudill
& Katie Wheeler
Ryan PalmerAyden Palmer
Emily RogersAshley Rogers
Jill AkersMcKenzie Pasley
Ryland CrockettMatt Sims
Jones HowardCameron Merriman
Taylor McCordBrooklyn Jordan
Agnes ArreguinJaiden Stokley
Hannah WellinghurstSavannah Canafax

Special thanks to: Jeremy Wade (Percussion Instructor), Britney Harper, Arleigh Sparks, Coleman Scott, Diana Reyes, Emily Daniels, Lisa Antoniou, Cara McCord for chaperoning and guiding our students through their very first Solos & Ensembles Festival! We couldn’t have pulled it off without you!

We are very proud of everyone! This isn’t the end nor does this decide how good a musician you can be. This is merely a checkpoint! Keep working!